Posted in March 2012

The Fel and Foolish Mists of Beta

WARNING: There may be ranting and QQing here. Read at your own risk! The Mists of Pandaria Beta experience has been eventful for me, which is saying something considering I haven’t even downloaded the beta client yet. Having a warlock for a main, you can imagine the sparkle of wonder and curiosity that shone in my … Continue reading

Raid Night : The Button

After a near month-long break from progression, my raid group has resumed its push forward through heroic Dragon Soul. There have been some changes though. Our pally tank has gone ret, the hunter turned into a bear, and a wild rogue appeared. Oh, and I’m not leading the group anymore. This isn’t necessarily a bad … Continue reading

Life Tap : One Score & Zero Days Ago…

“We are all sum totals of our experience, products of our environment, and divided by our ignorance.” –Samuel Adams On March 14, 1992 I was a sixteen year old only child. For a large number of teenagers in my neck of the woods, the trials and tribulations faced included being “in,” possibly some family drama … Continue reading

World Drop : Sweet & “Salty”, Part 1

I imagine if you have over 12,000 achievement points in WoW, it’s easy to be classified as an “achievement whore.” I prefer “achievement hunter” myself to be honest, but I digress. This week’s World Drop article is the first of two fishing tales which led to getting the Salty title and being known as a … Continue reading

Life Tap: A Tale of Three Rhos

From the beginning of my console and computer RPG days, I had a tendency to always name my character Kyle. Back then you were usually limited to keep character names short, and having a fandom for the then “new” Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, I used his namesake. With Ultima Online in 1997, I was given … Continue reading